Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Charcoal Water Purification System

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Survival Video : To make a charcoal water purification system for wilderness survival, layer fresh grass, sand, charcoal, dirt and dried grass. Make a charcoal water purification with tips from an experienced outdoorsman in this free video about wilderness survival skills. Expert: kevin Barrett Bio: Kevin Barrett is an experienced outdoors man who has been honing his survival skills for many years. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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  • liftednumber0 said:

    This is only a option if you can’t boil the water. With that said what he is telling you is right. you can drink small amounts so don’t dehydrate. You still take a risk so only do this in severe situation .

  • pencilart360 said:

    You still should boil the water

  • pencilart360 said:

    I heard Coffey filter is good top and bottom charcoal sand fine sand and pebbles add the coffee filter in there top and bottom it has o be clean pebbles and sand nit off the ground good luck

  • 911aaron said:

    arnt you supposed to use dead, dried grass rather then live grass?

  • kingdomofwitches said:

    this is not Wilderness Survival its all about how to kill yourself in the wild.your soil will kill you.soil has almost all types of bacteria in them.

  • crazyskills215 said:

    great video really helps


    No way my friend, your system is no where near sufficient or efficient!!
    Firstly your dirt is most probably dirtier than the water. You try this in many rivers in Asia and Africa and you will be hospitalised with a severe enteric parasitic infection. All you need to do is boil that water …and if needs be filter it through a clean sock or hose. Also watch you dont stab yourself

  • drandol4 said:

    instead of poking holes in the bottom when your done, why not leave the bottle lid and cut the other end?

  • DOCSFC said:

    What kind of charcoal would be best for this?

  • AmericanInfidel9 said:

    just to be clear the charcoal if from a fire right or life bbq grill

  • beautyhunt said:

    @cinnabon7354 no one is smart in the nature world..only nature smarts the world..

  • brenterwin99611 said:

    This is a filter… Not a purification system. Unless you want fluid squirting out both ends of your body, boil it after filtering it! or at least treat it chemically .

  • incaseofx said:

    Dont stab your hand*

  • incaseofx said:

    Dont stab your hand*

  • MartialLawra said:

    tough stuff!

  • gandj19 said:

    Also i think you need activated charcoal i dont think you can just use any charcoal you happen to have.

  • iMakeMoviesForU said:

    i liked the part where he purified the water… oh wait

  • TR5T said:

    Good advise, but one thing, always try to cut down and away keeping fingers and palm from the path of the blade.
    A deep cut in the wilderness could be very serious, also it would disable one hand

  • EpicBladeTime said:

    Hello there Im Roger a knife thrower,I just moved to the states from australia please take a look at my channel!!

  • DancingSpiderman said:

    @sendkeys All very good points; thank you for adding to our knowledge. I kid you not; this info really COULD come in handy someday. Because as I say below, even bacteria poop. And we eet their poop. Cheese is delicious, as an example. Have a great day, sendkeys.

  • sendkeys said:

    @DancingSpiderman Unless you have some type of bladder infection urine is sterile. Other than the taste the down side of drinking urine is the high salt content. A carbon filter will not filter out salt,virus or bacteria due to this there would be little “survial” reason to use this filter with urine. On the other hand carbon filter has been “reported” to help the taste and color of urine.

  • DancingSpiderman said:

    @cameraguy1968 When I sock it in the fridge for an hour before I drink my pee, it tastes cool and refreshing, like a Old Anglais or maybe a Mickeys 40

  • DancingSpiderman said:

    @LINKROCKZYOU eHow: “First Aid — When It’s A Little More Than Just a Flesh Wound”

  • cameraguy1968 said:

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • melancholyid said:

    @DancingSpiderman Excuse me?

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