Wow! SOG Force Survival Knife Review – Best Survival Knife Under $100?

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Survival Video : NEW SOG Force Survival Knife Review from – Today we’re taking a look at the SOG Force Survival knife and comparing it to the SOG Seal Team Elite knife. This is a great knife, but is it the best survival knife under 0. Let’s see… The SOG Force is an excellent survival knife for military and tactical applications, diving, hunting, camping, backpacking, extreme adventures, a bug out bag or emergency kit or for anyone who wants a nice all purpose survival knife that is designed for a lifetime of use and ready for just about anything, when called up for duty. ______ AS PROMISED… Here Are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Review SOG Force Survival Knife ttp:// SOG Seal Team Elite Knife (Nylon or Kydex Sheath): SOG Seal Team Pup Knife: Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife: Gerber LMF II Survival Knife: Gerber LHR Combat / Survival Knife: YouTube Review: Schrade Extreme Survival Knife: ______ COOL SOG SURVIVAL KIT: Simply put the two items below in the front pocket of the SOG Seal Team Elite or SOG Force Survival Knife Sheath Pouch… For a Really Cool Survival Kit: 1) SOG Mini Sharpener and Fire Steel 2) SOG PowerLock Multi Tool ______ If you found this review helpful and are ready to grab ANY gear on Amazon… I’d be honored if you use the following link to find your best price ttp:// ______ BE SOCIAL! Comment

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  • nobody1726 said:


  • horrorfan13666 said:

    Taiwan. I own the knife, and love it. It was one of my first experiences with a higher-end knife, and a big reason why I don’t judge a knife by country of origin.

  • morphine30roxy said:

    I wonder If the Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife would be better then this knife. hmmmm. This knife dose look pretty good though.

  • nobody1726 said:

    Is this knife made in china?

  • penspinningnovice092 said:

    Can you do the ka bar bk7 please?

  • stacey41971 said:

    seal team

  • UltimateSurvivalTips said:

    Hard for me to make the call. Depends on what you want in a knife. If you want a heftier blade point and thicker drop point blade end for survival stuff I’d go with the Force. If you want the clip point blade tip (better for piercing) for military or tactical use and really want the rasps on the blade spine, go with the Seal Team Elite. Plus the Seal Team Elite does look cooler. But I’d be a bit more concerned about the tip snapping than the SOG Force. Hope this helps. ~ David

  • TeamFurySuperGaming said:

    Is this better then the Sog Seal Team Elite???? or should i buy The Seal Team Elite or this is the real question

  • UltimateSurvivalTips said:

    Cool! Thanks Richard! ~David

  • Richard Smith said:

    The SOG Creed looks like a Ka-Bar? I have a Jungle Primative & Paratool, don’t know if they were made in China, but they are great tools. Since seeing you Gerber LMF II review, I want once. :) keep up the good work. ~ Richard

  • UltimateSurvivalTips said:

    Ben, I’m honored! You don’t have to worry about 10 videos a day though… Man, if I could do only 2 or 3 videos a week that would be cool. We have a really packed and AWESOME line up of knife and gear reviews through the Fall and Winter but I as per your request, I have approached Scorpion Knives – the manufacturer of the Lofty Survival tool to see if they will send me a knife to review sometime this Fall. Looks like good stuff! We’ll see how it goes. The ball is in their court! Thanks! ~David

  • CSsurvivalEXP said:

    @UltimateSurvivalTips Thanks and I’ll try to get Gerber to fix it. God bless

  • xNANNA9 said:

    Im not bothered about being overloaded by your videos make 10 a day and ill still watch them as soon as they come out :) oh and can you do a review on the true ways survival knife aka the lofty knife. i cant seem to find a good one anywhere. ~Ben

  • UltimateSurvivalTips said:

    Yep… still making my way through the BG Line up… just don’t want to burn everyone out on it. Just posted my review of the BG Scout Essentials Kit… Enjoy! ~David

  • UltimateSurvivalTips said:

    You know… I have stayed away from them for now since they are made in China… I review plenty of stuff made in China, but I’m kinda making my way through SOGs better stuff right now. WAIT until you see the SOG Creed!!!! Now that’s a knife!!! WOW! ~David

  • UltimateSurvivalTips said:

    Good question! The biggest problem with using anything as a throwing knife is the abuse the knife takes when it doesn’t stick. Secondly, little slices get taken out of throwing knife handles as they hit or are hit by other knives… So, I don’t think the handle will break… it’s tough… but on the Force I use for throwing, the handle is nicked up quite a bit! ~David

  • UltimateSurvivalTips said:

    Excellent comment! Yes, my LMF II is showing quite a bit of wear also… I love the handle but the rubberized grips do wear quite a bit quicker. FYI… if your LMF II handle wobbles… I’d contact Gerber and see if they will replace it… worth a try. ~David

  • CSsurvivalEXP said:

    Great video and very professional. Matter of fact this is my main carry knife in the field right now! I definitely agree with the rating. I also have the Gerber lmf 2 and I used that knife for over three years. Over time the rubbery handle was showing extreme wear, the handle started wobbling after batoning so many logs:/. It’s definitely not a long term survival knife sadly.

  • Longhorn340 said:

    Do a review on the rothco military canteen and cup

  • gooyzit said:

    r u going to finish reviewing the grylls gear?

  • martind28jf said:

    couldn´t the handle broke, when you use it as throwing knife?

  • David Turner said:

    YYYYYYYYA*YYYYYYYYY david a new video!!!!!!!

  • Richard Smith said:

    Have you reviewed the SOG Jungle series of knives?

  • UltimateSurvivalTips said:

    Thanks for the encouragement. Yes… all the Schrade Extreme Survival knives are promising… reviews on the way… ~David

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